What does it take to bag an SDE Summer Internship at Oracle

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Hello there reader, welcome to C4 Blogs! Today’s piece will demystify what it takes to bag an SDE Summer Internship at Oracle.

The interview process for the internship happened On Campus at NIT Warangal and consisted of 3 rounds -an online test, followed by 2 technical rounds. Each round was an elimination round.

1.ONLINE TEST– It was conducted on oracle platform and was the same for both full times hires and summer interns. It had about 4 to 5 sections consisting of logical reasoning, English for technical communication, data interpretation. The coding section had MCQs on the implementation of Tries, AVL trees. It had questions on mirroring of height-balanced BSTs when they are represented as arrays and we had to comment on their traversals. There were MCQs on OOP(basic concepts), DBMS(locking protocols, deadlocks), OS(I had no idea about it ).

2.FIRST TECHNICAL ROUND-Basic data structures questions, questions on array manipulation(the interviewer expected the most optimised solutions) followed by a discussion on my project(the interviewer asked many questions on it).

3.SECOND TECHNICAL ROUND-Some questions on data structures, basic oops and DBMS concepts. (Some candidates were asked puzzles).

Suggestions for preparation:
-Geeksforgeeks, interview bit for data structures, puzzles.
-javatpoint for oops, DBMS.
-Codechef, code forces for arriving quickly at optimised solutions.

Important tips to keep in mind while preparing:
-Be confident about everything written on your resume.

Meet our Mentor

“For Software Companies, start the placement preparation early and focus most on solving quality questions.”

Ankit Sharma
Incoming SDE at Oracle

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