Your Checklist to Get Placed On Campus!

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1. Learn C++ from Abdul Bari’s C++ Course on Udemy

2. Learn DSA from Algo++ Data Structures & Algorithms Course on Coding Blocks

3. Practice Questions on Time Complexity, Space Complexity, Exceptions and Errors from GeeksForGeeks

4. Build projects in Machine Learning and Web Development and Improve Your Resume

5. Practice Competitive Programming Questions and Attend Online Contests at Codeforces

6. Practice Dynamic Programming Questions from AtCoder

7. Practice Aptitude, Logical and Verbal Questions from IndiaBix

8. Practice Questions Handpicked by us on Leetcode

9. Check company-wise previously asked interview questions on GeeksForGeeks

10. Revise Computer Science Core Subjects from our Cheat Sheet

11. Note down all the important problems you faced in your journey and revise them

12. Focus more on revising Dynamic Programming questions handpicked by us and Algorithms from your revision material

Full Roadmap

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