What does it take to bag a Product Role at a Rapidly Scaling Startup like SmartServ

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Love Yourself and keep your head clear!

These two statements are very basic but in the hassle of campus placements we tend to forget this and start comparing ourselves with others, maybe our roommates, seniors or our uncle’s son who got placed in Microsoft or any other top-notch Brand. Hello there reader, welcome to C4 Blogs! Today’s piece will demystify what it takes to bag a Product Role at a rapidly scaling startup.

” Get the WHY clear, HOW is easy”

During the placement season, your institution will support you with endless opportunities and it’s always up to you what you choose and what you want. I will not get into technical details about how to prepare for an interview or what to study. Let’s discuss what people won’t, i.e., the WHY.

4th year will be tough, but what will help you is the clarity in your head about what you want. Myself being an ECE Graduate, in the second year I knew making a career out of it is something I won’t enjoy, so I started getting into basic OOPS and Java Programming. Again, it was a great experience that helped me develop a problem-solving mindset, but this was again something I was not enjoying! And then Boom the placement season started.

Long story short, I got what I wanted in January, definitely after numerous rejections
I will suggest initially don’t let any opportunity go. Sit for every placement exam, maximum you will get rejected, but you will learn; at least that is what I did!

Getting into a non-technical role has no exact syllabus, you have to be smart, good with numbers and have an out of the box thinking. Start reading articles about what interests you, start solving real-life problems and don’t be afraid to work hard or be different! Get your basics straight and solve as many Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and DI Questions. Don’t feel like coding? Don’t but you should have the basic knowledge of how the solution will look like, ie a 1000 feet view. If I can provide a developer to you, can you explain the logic and solution to that problem to the developer by breaking a complex problem into small pieces? If the answer is yes, you’re on a right track!

You cannot define a strategy for campus placements, for some, it might be luck, for some, it will be hard work but there is no checklist to fill out for a guarantee! Again I will stress on not being a part of the herd, rather than look for what you want and what will fit you as an individual. There are no shortcuts! Get up, have a bath, feast on some breakfast from the mess and give your best and never stop learning, look at every situation as an opportunity!

Working in a rapidly scaling startup for me has been an amazing experience. Collaborating with people passionate about work and learning something new every day is what I always wanted. My first working day was 3rd Feb 2020, it will be a year experience soon and let me tell you every rejection I faced during my campus placements still helps me.

Meet our Mentor

“Don’t be a part of the herd, be yourself and be prepared to give your best shot every day.”

Shivansh Sharma
Product Specialist at SmartServ

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