What does it take to bag a Network Engineering Role at Cisco

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Placement; one word but a different emotion for everyone. It is an exciting yet nerve-wracking process. Hello there reader, welcome to C4 Blogs! I am Mahek Gupta from VIT Vellore 2020 Batch. Today’s piece will demystify what it takes to bag a Network Engineering Role at Cisco.

Talking about my journey, every day I woke up with the hope that today would be my day, but I would be lying if I say, I did not feel restless or impatient or even doubted my capabilities. I always believed that your institution gives you a lot of opportunities but it’s up to you if you want to grab them or just crib about letting them go. With sheer determination and focus, you can achieve everything and anything.

Being in ECE, I had to decide if I wanted to go for a traditional Core company or a management one. It was a truly difficult choice, so I decided that I want to keep my options open, not just on-campus placements but off-campus placements as well.

I started looking for various opportunities on LinkedIn, contacted people, sent my resume to multiple firms, registered for various online courses meanwhile preparing and sitting for on-campus recruitments.

While studying the core subjects, I developed my interest in networking and telecommunication subjects, so much so that I wanted to build my career on similar ground.

So, I enrolled myself in a networking course from NETACAD. Soon after, came an opportunity, Cisco Ideathon. It was a 3-month long procedure, with multiple testing rounds like Video Submission, MCQ’s, Coding and Aptitude. With all the hard work, patience and determination finally my day came. 4th December 2019, the day I got placed at Cisco, my dream firm.

Few subjects that are mandatory for technical placements, would be Data Structures and Algorithm, Database Management System and Computer Networks. Practice as much Coding as possible and learn every day. Have a good grasp on Aptitude concepts and you are good to go. Never stop learning and hoping!

Placement for some might be lucky and for some, it might be months of hard work, but that one day comes when everything falls into the right place and you get that big smile on your face, the happiness of achieving the dream you had when you first stepped into your college. You will see your peers getting placed in better firms or rather in your dream firms, but something is out there planned for you. The bitter truth is that it does become difficult but it’s also true that with sheer determination and hard work nothing is impossible. Talk to your friends & family for moral support because no matter what, the true ones will not compare themselves with you but would be your support system.

Lastly, the most crucial point to remember is that always believe in yourself and listen to yourself.

Meet our Mentor

“Keep Working hard and don’t stop believing in yourself, your day will come.”

Mahek Gupta
Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco

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