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“You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” – Zig Ziglar

So, you are reading this? Yes, you. You, who has lost all motivation. Who feels that even after so many months, I have not been able to get a single job? Who feels that his/her parents must be ashamed of them? At the same time when the majority of their friends have got at least one offer in hand and soon few will also be joining their respective companies.

Hello there reader, welcome to C4 Blogs! Well, if you have read it so far and interested in reading more, let me share my journey with you. Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Krish Raj Dhawan 2020 BTECH ECE Graduated (yes, the First and hopefully the last batch of unlucky folks who didn’t get their convocation!). I have never been clear of my goals and am someone who has always believed in going with the flow. I have always been more inclined towards extracurriculars be it Street Plays, Toastmasters, Speech Competitions, Anchoring, Organizing Events, etc. etc. I am sure many of you have been doing the same or something else throughout their college life. I hated coding; I did not like my branch ECE either. Never been interested in doing projects, most of the times copied Digital assignments, quizzes from my friends, and somehow managed to get over 8 CGPA throughout the initial 3 years of college life. Here comes the final year, not sure what I wanted to do in life, just as a backup I registered for placements through PAT.

Here starts college and here starts the placements season. July, August 2019- the best months for all the CSE/ IT/ECE/EEE/EIE(provided you know to code) as this was the peak time when all the Super Dream companies giving huge packages came to hire Software Engineers. Of course, I didn’t know jack and was neither interested in studying or even sitting for such companies. It was towards the end of August when I went for my first ever job interview -TCS NINJA. While a majority of my friends had decided beforehand that they will not give it properly as they didn’t want such a job. But I on either side had a very positive attitude, studied a lot one day before(just like how we do for our exams) and was ready to take the job if offered. On the day of the interview, as much as it sounds shocking to me till date, I was roasted and grilled in the interview, “they were like you hardly know coding what will you even do in life”. I was shattered that day; all my motivation, confidence and positivity had gone. I couldn’t believe that a regular company would make me feel that way (aren’t they supposed to take students in Masses?) People who spoke shit and clearly said they don’t want the job in the interview, ended up getting selected and me on the other hand who wanted it, guess what? I didn’t. It was horrific and till now one of the worst days of college life.

In September and October, few consulting companies like Deloitte, ZS, KPMG did come, but of course, I wasn’t lucky enough to even pass through the Aptitude test (trust me it takes more luck than skills to pass an Aptitude Test when around 4K people are sitting for placements). Every day on Instagram I used to see numerous stories of people getting placed and I wondered when will I be lucky enough to get this? When will I be lucky enough to chill like my friends and just peacefully watch TV shows and not YouTube videos on “How to Solve Train Problems”? When will I be lucky enough to stop wearing that white/blue formal shirt for an interview? There were too many questions and the answer to them was only me.

Towards the end of November, I was finally started getting my name on the list of the next rounds. The process was excruciating. The next batch was slightly lucky; after all, things are smoother with Zoom, Google Meet etc. And trust me even after so many long hours of waiting, there was no guarantee that you will get a chance to go through the interview, sometimes you had to fight for the spot. Even at times when you felt the interview went well and you might be selected, that was the time when bad luck made an entry. (Short Story- Around 350 students sat for a banking company, 20 made it to the interview round. I was among the final 6 students. The company had selected 5 students the previous year and hopeful this year they will easily take 6. I thought I finally got the job, guess what? They took 3 students and I was one of the unlucky 3 people)

All these months, not only my personality was getting tested but my patience and to what extent I can face rejections. If I can survive this cut-throat competition and how far I can go to prove myself. I tried to encourage myself and was hopeful “ Ki Apna Time Aayega”, I will be placed, and went to give the aptitude tests with the same zeal and motivation every day.

By January 2020, I sat for over 100-150 companies, and the most memorable day was when I gave my interview around 1 am. Trust me, you never know when it’s your day, and you just have to stay motivated, be patient, hopeful and keep doing your part. “Karm Karo, fal Ki chinta mat Karo” (Do your duty without thinking about results).

And I can proudly say that after 7.5-8 months of rejections, struggles, failures, heartbreaks, taunts, bad luck, I didn’t only get a Dream Internship but also ended up getting a Super Dream offer as well in a Business Role. There was a time when I wasn’t even getting a regular offer and a time when I had a choice to select between the two. And it would be right to say In God’s home, there is a delay but no denial.

I don’t want to give any life ka gyaan but just want you all to remember that there’s a right time for everything. You will get placed. Your parents will be proud. People would post stories for you and you will get the feeling that finally, you achieved something on your own. That’s exactly what I learned from this experience. Even though we have control of what we want to happen, sometimes, things just happen at the right time and all you can do is be thankful.

I am always there for my fellow juniors. Hence, you can contact me anytime you ever want to talk about anything(literally) or have any doubts. All the Best and loads of love.

Meet our Mentor

“Energy and persistence conquers all things.”

Krish Raj Dhawan
Analyst at Deloitte and former Business Development Associate at SmartServ

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